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Cozy Up! 
Celebrating all things Cozy is our 2018 Yarn Club
We hope you'll join us!! 

Cozy Up is A Yarn Club dedicated to experiencing the Danish concept of Hygge (pronounced hue guh); celebrating all things cozy.

The principles of Hygge are quite simple — and simplicity is at the heart of Hygge.
You need:
(the ability to be in the here and now and turn off the phone),
(‘we’ over ‘me)
(the willingness to set aside controversy),
togetherness and shelter,
which involve recognizing and celebrating “your tribe.”

We think Knitting and Crochet are a natural fit with the Danish concept of Hygge. 

It is in the spirit of Hygge that we wish to enter 2018, seeking gratitude, harmony, comfort, and friendship.
Cozy Up! will provide a monthly package of goodies to facilitate Hygge in your life.

Cozy Up! Club Members can choose between a Crochet or Knitting Yarn Club track, 
and will receive 
the following each month starting in late January 2018:

~Hand selected unique, hand dyed yarn with an on trend Cozy themed patterns

~A great Notion

~A Surprise (if we told you, it wouldn't be a surprise) 

~A collectable 

~A cozy recipe 

Cozy Up! Club Members also Receive the Following:

  • Along with your monthly package you will enjoy a Club Tote(in the first month) to carry your cozy projects.  
  • Cozy Community on a Cozy Up Members-Only Ravelry Group where you will receive support, encouragement, and prize drawings for completed projects.  Also a monthly gathering for Cozy Up! members to share and learn together. 
  • Cozy Believers who provide in-person pattern support at Longmont Yarn Shoppe, The Studio Knitting & Needlepoint,  & Lila & Claudine’s.

When Can We Start?

Registration at a special rate of $250.00 begins today and ends December 1st.  After this date the club pricing will be  275.00.  Registration closes December 24th or until we reach capacity and the club is full.  

OK- I'm in!   – Pay on-line, in person, or over the phone (816) 531-4466)for this amazing club!  Don't wait to sign up!!