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Sun 12-4   MWFS 10-5   TTH 10-6



Learn To Knit

If you have never knitted before then this class is for you. Learn the basics; how to cast on, knit and purl stitch and how to cast off.

Building Blocks

This very popular class is still open to newcomers with seven more skill sessions and the final session on Seaming. Learn skills that can move you from the beginner to the intermediate level in knitting.

Lacy Ruffled Baktus Shawl

Lynn Haffner combines the best of two versions of the Baktus Shawl, combining ruffles and the lace pattern. Its side to side construction make a great canvas for vertical striping. Cute and flirty, its an ideal shawl for summer.

May 25
Crash Course in Knitting
May 26
Rainfall Scarf
May 28
Knit Night!