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Basic Socks

If you have never knitted socks before, then this class is for you. You will learn all the skills necessary to make a great pair of socks from the cuff down using double pointed needles, including turning the heel and closing the toe.


Almost ready to make socks but arenít quite ready for the heel? Ever wanted to try cables but wanted to start on something smaller than a sweater? Make a tablet sock for your tablet or eReader! This class will teach you a figure-eight cast on and how to knit your first cable. Don't be scared! Anyone can do it! This is the perfect tiny summer knit to keep your device warm while you look cool!

Learn to Needlepoint

Begin your journey into the needlepoint craft with one of these beginner classes. You can choose to make a bookmark on a Studio prepared canvas. Or you can purchase an easy hand-painted canvas from the many wonderful ones off the wall. Please note: the canvas you select should be 13 count mesh. Stu-dio staff can help you in your selection. You will learn the basic basketweave stitch as tips and techniques and leave well on your way on your first needle point project.

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