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Crash Course in Knitting

This fast-paced class is better suited to those who are re-acquainting themselves with the craft of knitting. In two hours you will review casting on, the knit stitch and casting off.

Short Sleeve Summer Cardigan

This is a great first sweater for those who want to expand their new knit-ting skills into garment making. It has a simple top down construction and is great for those breezy summer evenings. The pattern is easily adjusted to get the fit you want or if you decide you need a long-sleeved fall cardigan later on.

Neck Down Baby Cardigan

Baby sweaters are the best for learning how to construct a sweater. While size is somewhat important--this pattern is written for 6-18 months--babies grow fast and you can always turn up the sleeves for awhile. Also, babies just don't care as long as it feels good and keeps them warm. This sweater is constructed neck down and knitted all in one piece. Directions for adding a crew collar or hood are included.

Jun 1
Sleepy Monkey Blanket Knit-Along
Jun 4
Rikke Hat
Jun 6
Take It On Tuesday